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Steampunk Camp

Earlier this month, on the 9th, I visited Archeon Midwinter Fair in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands) where there was a steampunk camp by The Steampunk Objective. Sadly the weather was dire (cold and rainy, hence all the mud), but I had a great time anyway.

hoist the colours!

steampunk scientiststeampunk camp

steampunk campsteampunk camp

steampunk campsteampunk camp

Cutethulhu meets Chrissteampunk camp

Steampunk gentleman, Venetian styleSteampunk gentleman, Venetian style

Steampunk gentleman, Venetian styleAt the Steampunk Camp

steampunk campsteampunk camp

AviatorWith the aviator

steampunk campsteampunk camp

The Nauilae

The Nautilae

The NautilaeThe Nautilae

Because the weather was so horrible I opted for warmth rather than anything else so I wore a mix of steampunk and dark mori-kei

outfit 9.12.2012

Goggles: customised vintage
Cowl: Primark
Aviator jacket: H&M
Muffler: New Look
Bag: Fossil
Skirt: my own design, made it myself
Petticoat: Raven
Leggings: Hema
Snow boots: A
Umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl
Accessories: Theo, handmade, Poorman's Gold Label, Camille et Margot, Fossil, Moon Raven Design, Prague Goldsmith Street, Alt Kilt, Veritas, Moda, thrifted

And aside from the camp there was steampunk all 'round the fair as well, more than I managed to photograph.

steampunk piratesteampunk headpiece
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