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Gatehouse Gazette # 16 out now: it's a weird west indeed!

Hello everyone

I'm happy to announce that the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette, our 16th, is available for your reading please via free online download here.
It's a new year (HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way) and thus a new Gazette, this is our first issue in full color!

For those that don't know it: the Gatehouse Gazette is a wonderful online magazine about steampunk and dieselpunk that appears on the interwebs bimonthly. This month's theme is the Weird West

This time we have a fashion article on wild west steampunk, established author Carol McCleary talks about Oscar Wilde, we have pretty photos for you to look at, interesting articles to read, reviews and for your printing pleasure, the first 2 months of our ongoing (it's a year long project) steampunk birthday calendar which you are most welcome to grab for your own private use :)

So go ahead and grab a copy!

Do not be alarmed if you have missed an edition of this magazine, they are all available for free via this link.

Oh and guys, for our next edition we are still looking for photos of you in your finest steampunk or dieselpunk outfits!
Every edition our chief editor Nick Ottens choses one from all the photos send in and that photo will be published in the magazine.
So if you're interested: drop him a line with your photo in attachment on n.ottens@gmail.com
Please only send in photos that you are allowed to use, we don't want any copyright infringement!
Also, we are always looking for new contributors too, so if you have an idea for an article, drop Nick a line :)

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